3 Ways to Live and Walk in the Spirit

February 22, 2019 R.H. Koide
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What does it mean “to live and walk in the Spirit?” This literally means to walk in God.

How do you do this? There are many ways. However, ultimately understanding that the Spirit of God – also called the “Holy Spirit” – means understanding His ministry and how to walk in Him.

1. Know Thyself – You are human. When you acknowledge, and are completely honest about, any of your weaknesses and shortcomings, this helps in your recognition of knowing yourself. Next, you must see who you are in Jesus Christ and gain an understanding that there is strength in knowing this. With God-embracing and accepting Him-you can find safety; made spiritually alive and become dead to sin. This can be very difficult; an impossibility without Him. God is on your side!

2. Face the Spiritual Battle – It seems like daily you take part in a spiritual battle. What do we mean by spiritual battle? This could include temptation or luring towards wrong choices; an onslaught of various losses or troubles; and attacks of illness or physical danger. Being aware of these dangers is important; submitting to walk in the Spirit; in the power that is greater than that of the world; you begin to overcome the things of this world. Now, living and walking in the Spirit of God.

3. Recognize the Holy Spirit as your Biggest Ally – When you start each day, offer a prayer of renewed faith before doing anything else. God has armed us with His Word! When you carve out some time for Him, through prayer; reading the Word; worship; or praise of Him, you begin to gain strength and wisdom in how to stay strong in the battle.

These three ways help you deepen your friendship with God. These three ways fill you with joy and peace!

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