God Reconciles All Christ Enters

Saved by Grace and not by Law

Within many churches there exists much confusion about Law and Grace. Many believe we are saved by Grace and Grace alone. Others believe we are saved by Grace but must keep the Law to be saved.

What is the basis of me wanting to have a choice in my salvation, in what God has already accomplished through His Son Jesus’ death and resurrection and the work of the Holy Spirit?

Created in His Image

God creates in me His image, to be righteous and holy and I choose to sin. I should by all reasons be condemned to eternal damnation and everlasting death. God sent His only begotten Son Jesus to die for my sins and Jesus Christ was resurrected from the grave claiming victory over death and now bestows upon me the right to be a child of God and declares me righteous in Him.

Choice about Eternal Life

What makes me think I need to have a choice about having eternal life with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? For me to demand that I have a choice in this matter, that I have a choice in what God-the Father, Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit-have already planned for me before the world was created. What am I thinking: the perfect will of God for me is not what I want?

Reconciled to God

You know, God still gives me the freedom to make a choice to believe in Him or to not believe! Amazing! Oh! What a loving God who loves me, a sinner. Amazing Grace! God reconciles me through the death of His only begotten Son Jesus, dying on the cross and by shedding His precious blood. Jesus saves me from my sins. I am set free from eternal damnation and death.

Excerpt of God Reconciles All Christ Enters

This excerpt contains the lesson Saved by Grace and Not by Law in which we gain understanding from the word of God regarding justice and law. This understanding helps us to discern how we are saved by Grace.

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