Gospel of Christ to the World

August 2, 2016 R.H. Koide
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Through the Spirit of God, I believe the world needs to hear about the love of God, which is the Gospel of Christ.

Spirit of God

The Apostle, Paul, was commissioned by Jesus Christ to present this gospel of the love of God to the rest of the world, which the Jews rejected.

Not of God

Most Protestant churches promote their own doctrines and have certain standards which a person must accept in order to become a member. Through the teachings regarding tithes and offerings, many of these organizations are under the control of the principalities of this world. These organizations bring their members under a new kind of bondage and control, not of God, but of the powers of this world.

The world, in which we live, consists of millions of people with the Spirit of God already existing within them. They are like a very sensitive, highly technical instrument in outer space, listening for any signs of life or the existence of other entities. They do not know or understand what they are listening for, but feel a force within, causing this phenomenon. They are not interested in what other organizations believe or teach but only in knowing the truth and nothing but the truth.

These individuals are interested in locating others like themselves who are not affiliated with any political, social or religious organizations. Through the Spirit of God, they are being led to discovering the truth, which has been filtered throughout the centuries by scholars and experts in the field of theology, the study of religious doctrines and matters of divinity.

Today, I believe these individuals want to know about the Gospel of Christ, about Jesus and Him only. They are not interested in what others believe about their own doctrines, which they claim to have and no other has. They want to hear from the word of God, scripture and not from the writings of others, who claim to be prophets. The gospel message, Jesus instructed His disciples to share with the world, has been distorted with disagreements and confusion, within the same organization or denominations, about their own doctrines.

The Spirit of God is calling the remnant of God’s people to come out of confusion “Babylon,” from the organizations which call themselves, the church of God. They want to be united into the true church of God whose foundation is Jesus Christ. Jesus said, where two or three are gathered in His name, they abide, remain, surrender, rest, submit, walk and live in the love of God, which is the gospel of Christ.

Is it possible for individuals to come together as children of God and in His Spirit reach out to others? Like the pyramid, built upon thousands and thousands upon thousands of pieces of stones, so also will the Church of God be built upon Jesus Christ, by the “livingstones.”

How can this be done? It begins with me. And it begins with you, and you and you and you and…

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