7 Powerful Ways to Pray to a More Joyful You

April 9, 2019 Dawn Sanders
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Have you ever stopped to ask yourself – Why can’t I experience authentic joy and harmony in my life? Well, you are not facing this alone.

In this article, we will explore 7 powerful ways to pray to a more joyful you.

Some of us often find ourselves tired and lethargic, so we start to think that maybe we are just too stressed, or perhaps we don’t get enough sleep, or maybe we aren’t praying and meditating enough.

The problem isn’t our lack of sleep; it’s a lack of joy and harmony in our lives. And not the short-term kind of joy; the long-lasting, fulfilling kind of joy that fills our hearts with love and harmony.

Here’s the thing: True happiness and joy is a state of being, not just a temporary feeling. Even when external conditions shake our emotions for a time, we are able to strengthen ourselves by trusting in the Lord.

If you feel like you are not filled with the authentic joy of the Lord, here are 7 ways to pray to a more joyful and you.

  1. God revives me with overwhelming joy

When praying, always keep in mind that God wants to assure you that joy is not something that is set aside for heaven. Joy is something that is reserved for those who choose and embrace it.

Pray in such a way that you are thanking the Lord our Savior for an overwhelming wave of happiness in your life. This will start to shift your focus into finding more ways to be grateful and, in turn, more ways to be joyful.

  1. God is continuously planting joy in my life

Prayer should also incorporate what God has helped you overcome in the past. It’s important to highlight past times when you were happy and full of love.

What this does, is it forms a direct memory in your heart of how your personal version of joy and happiness feels like. Because you have felt this genuine joy before, it becomes easier for God to lead you to what your heart truly desires. Which leads us to our next point.

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  1. Pray with Intention

To experience a boost of happiness in your life, it is vital to pray with a sense of purpose. Your prayers don’t have to be solely about welcoming happiness and love in your life. But, the more targeted your prayers are, the more direct impact they will have in your situation.

It’s like going through your goals and choosing which one will have the most impact. Choosing to target joy when praying leaves a clear and impactful intention.

  1. Seek Out and Find Positives

For most of us an attitude adjustment would open many doors to experience love and joy in our lives. Like we’ve said before, happiness is a choice, but that doesn’t mean everything has to go our way.

During your prayers for joy, keep in mind that tough times will prevail, but not for long if you have Christ in your heart and mind.

  1. Live A God-Abundant Life

Putting God first in everything you do will leave you with a sense of humility. Seeking God’s guidance when praying and going about your everyday life results in more joy because this puts us in line with His will for our lives.

  1. Show Compassion and Mercy

In order for us to be shown compassion, we too have to be considerate toward the needs of others.

Mercy may be overlooked in your daily prayers, but just remember that it wasn’t an option for Jesus, it was vital. So in your daily life activities, incorporate compassion and mercy for others.

This will set your life on a different vibration of love and heighten your spirits for more joy.

  1. Commit to Constant Growth

Commit yourself to come out of every challenge having learnt a lesson. Lifelong learning forms a great foundation for spiritual growth.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t will free up space in your mind for extra growth. This in effect gives more clarity and focus on your prayers.

As you implement these powerful techniques, try to simplify them as much as you can in your everyday activities. Remember that Jesus believed it was essential to clear up any confusion. Jesus was not only a good teacher, but a teacher who also gave motivation on how to live life. He came to give you everlasting life forever. He came to bring us home. And when life gets tough, all of us need to remember that.

God awaits your prayers for more joy in your life.

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