Discover Yourself and God through Prayer Journaling

March 27, 2022 Dawn Sanders
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There are a number of well-documented benefits to keeping a daily journal. Prayer journaling offers deep insights into your life, especially your spiritual life. Writing in a journal brings to the forefront hidden aspects of your life. Writing helps you look back and can also help you notice certain habits or patterns in your life. Journaling serves as a tangible way of letting go of anger and stressful emotions. Thus, you can keep track of your thoughts to gain clarity and add structure to your life.

According to WebMD, journaling is “the act of keeping a record of your personal thoughts, feelings, insights, and more. It can be written, drawn, or typed. It can be on paper or on your computer. It’s a simple, low-cost way of improving your mental health.” You can write on a daily basis or even a weekly basis. Simply jot down the activities of the day, your thoughts, dreams or your emotions and feelings. You can write in a fancy journal or you can keep a journal in a simple notebook-the end result is the same. Design your own system and don’t get caught up in trying to make it pretty or perfect.

Get closer to God

Prayer journaling is a special way to connect to God. Simply start by writing any aspirations, fears, positive and negative emotions or any wishes and prayers to Him. A prayer journal is a healthy way to release your troubles and burdens to the Lord. Writing in your prayer journal is therapeutic. Keep track of your thoughts as you Bible study.

Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.~ Habakkuk 2:2

When you re-read your journal entries, they serve as a reminder of how the day or week was. When you want to blow off steam due to problems at home, school or work, challenges in your marriage or relationship, or if you are feeling stress due to world events, stress relief is found by letting those feelings go. Writing helps! When you want to celebrate any personal wins at work, school or in your relationship or marriage, write these in your prayer journal. When reviewing your entries, you will find that many of your prayers and wishes have been answered by God. Your prayer journal begins to also serve as your personal testimony.

The best way to start is to start

A good practice is to, upon awakening, find a quiet space for journal writing. Do this before turning on the TV, looking at your phone or jumping onto social media. Use this quiet area as a place to write down your dreams, to meditate and to pray on a particular Bible verse to get closer to God. Write down the first thoughts that come to you. Make a note of your prayers so that you don’t forget them.

If you feel writer’s block, find another place to write – outdoors, in a park, in your back yard. Prayer journaling can be done any time of the day, even before bedtime as a form of praising God for His faithfulness. Write short prayers to God or stay rooted in your faith by writing in your prayer journal several times a day.

Journaling leads to self discovery

Journaling helps you when you can express emotions of happiness, love and personal fulfillment, ultimately resulting in peace of mind and the heart. It will help you shed feelings of anger and depression and help relieve anxiety. Journal your worship and praise of God. Soon, you will start to notice patterns: prayers answered; cultivation of a heart of gratitude; renewal of your mind with biblical truths; a way to keep track of your prayers for others; and more focused thoughts.

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